Yim Dongkun


Yim Dongkun




Gouverner Séoul : organisation de l'espace urbain et contrôle des populations


Paris 7

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Directeur/trice de thèse

Philippe Cadène


On the development of Seoul, from a city of the third world to an economic and political metropolis, scientific studies are few with difficulty in explaining the mechanisms and conditions of this remarkable evolution. The objective of this thesis is to study the development of Seoul in multidisciplinary and consistent ways. Foucault's lectures in the late 1970s, especially the idea of "dispositif' acting on the population, territory and security, we provide a geographic intuition as an issue of our thesis. A study of the city in the process of metropolization inevitably requires the analysis of mechanisms of power that controls the incessantly growing populations and the intervention of infrastructure construction. For the geography of Seoul, we begin with demographic studies, reflections on urban planning and "social" management of an urban environment by these governmental practices. It was the "genealogy" of the dispositifs of Seoul: evolution of the identification system, the development of urban administration, implementation of urban and regional planning and construction of housing for the middle class, which is the technique of the power to "agencer" the population. Our research work is therefore an explanation of the evolution of Seoul whose processes are based on dispositifs both disciplinary and libertarians. This results in enforcement of the ruling class and the mobilization of capital, but also by the emergence of the middle classes, now central phenomenon in the metropolis.


Urbanisme, Corée, Séoul, sociologie urbaine, politique urbaine