Who are we ?

The housing issue is a subject of interest or concern for many French people and even wider. Each of us has his or her opinion on what should be done to overcome the « housing crisis ». Numerous articles and various publications are written on the subject, but unfortunately, they are not always relevant. Several myths or easy solutions appear periodically. The impact of these questionable propositions increases every time superficial communication is preferred over and above the actual content and sound public debate.

Created at the beginning of 2015 by a group of experts of the economics of housing, the web site “Politiquedulogement.com” has as its main objective to encourage debates on housing policy, through balanced articles with no academic ambition. Members of Politiquedulogement.com believe that the housing policy is a subject that deserves to be treated diligently. As a result, the debates are not left to people defending specific interests or ideologies, or even individuals who are seeking only to take stage on the media scene.

The intent of Politiquedulogement.com is to be an open forum. All articles related to the subject of housing are welcome. They can have a perspective coming from economic science, law, sociology, history, or other disciplines. Articles can deal with topical questions or long term themes. All opinions can be expressed but must be well argued and keep an objective approach.

This choice of openness is also geographical: we are for instance interested in what is happening elsewhere other than in France. We hope therefore to welcome contributions on housing issues from authors across European countries and beyond.

In addition to articles, the web site Politiquedulogement.com proposes a dictionary on ‘habitat’ developed by a large panel of specialists across various disciplines. With around a hundred-and-twenty concepts currently available and others coming progressively, the aim is to cover the entire field of the economics of housing.

Politiquedulogement.com will also be publishing reviews of books or specialized articles.

Last but not least, Politiquedulogement.com is an independent body. It is funded only by member contributions. No revenue or grants are received from either private or public sources.

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